When it comes to pain – can two therapies be better than one?

Can two therapies be better than one_

If you’re in pain, then complementary therapies such as Osteopathy, Podiatry and Acupuncture can be extremely useful tools in dealing with it.

But which one is the right one? All are aiming for the same result – a pain-free, healthy life – but use differing methods that work in hugely diverse ways.

The beauty of a multidisciplinary clinic such as Lymm Osteopathic Practice, is that we can guide you – with help and advice from these three professions…and more. We have a variety of experts, all here under one roof and will work hard with you to find the right solution for your individual complaint.

Another benefit, is that it is possible to combine therapies for even bigger impact on pain.Mixing two, or even three disciplines often works well, because a problem can be evaluated, diagnosed and treated from varying perspectives.

Often, major discomfort anywhere in the body, be it back, neck or headache – can have its origins elsewhere in the body.

For example, foot conditions, such as flat or over-pronated feet, can manifest themselves as lower back pain. Or problems can occur when one leg is slightly longer than the other, which will then affect mobility and gait, without someone even being aware of it.

In these cases,it would make sense to consult both a Podiatrist and an Osteopath who, between them, would create a successful treatment regime using tools such as diagnostic scans, gait analysis and orthotics alongside joint and soft tissue manipulation and massage.

Even conditions other than pain can be helped using a therapy mix. Thyroid concerns can often respond well to a blend of Nutritional Therapy and Acupuncture. Diabetic patients have found help using Nutritional Therapy alongside Podiatry, where the blood vessels in the feet can be checked using a Doppler Scan and advice offered accordingly.And a blend of Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Nutrition have all been used to aid patients with fertility issues.

Finding which therapies are the right ones for you can be easy – sometimes it’s almost immediately evident just as soon as you have a consultation. And other times, it can just be a matter of trial and error. The important thing is to find a treatment option that enables you to return to a happy, active, discomfort-free life.

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