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Reflexology & Aromatherapy

Reflexology is a massage technique that uses pressure-points to restore the body's energy flow. Reflexology is based on the premise that there are reflexes in our feet, hands and ears that relate to every organ and to all parts of the body. Through stimulation of these reflexes with manipulation and pressure, blood supply and nerve function can be improved thus alleviating health problems including stress. The can help to restore balance to the body - promoting balance and healing of mind and body.

Reflexology can be used effectively to treat stress related conditions, particularly infertility, menopausal symptoms and depression.

Using plant-derived, aromatic essential oils for therapeutic benefit, aromatherapy promotes psychological as well as physical well-being. As part of a holistic treatment approach, aromatherapy is used to great effect  in combination with massage.

Anne Delooze MSc IFPA AoR

Anne Delooze qualified in 1977 after completing a two-year course in body & facial treatments.In 1985 she began exploring complementary therapies. She taught in further education until 2003 when she undertook study to complete a Masters Programme in Practitioner Research. Anne practises the following treatments:

  • Aromatherapy Massage - essential oils and vegetable carrier oils are blended to suit your needs. A relaxing treatment that can be used to treat stress related conditions. E.g. depression, insomnia, skin conditions, constipation
  • Body Massage - a deep rhythmic treatment that promotes general well being, eases muscle tension and relaxes both mind & body. Essential Oils can be combined with vegetable oils to give a deep aromatic massage.
  • Hopi ear candles - candles made from organic cotton, impregnated with an infusion are inserted into the outer ear and ignited. The swirling smoke helps soften ear wax, soothe itchy ears and sinus congestion.
  • Indian Head Massage - a seated massage working over the back. neck, arms, face and scalp. Can be delivered using oils or over clothes.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage - a light massage designed to stimulate lymph flow and boost the immune system. it is used to reduce areas of fluid retention, sinus congestion or as a 'pep-up' after colds and flu.
  • Reiki Healing - a 'hands off' therapy that harnesses universal energy to promote the body's own healing. Can be used to treat anxiety, exhaustion and autoimmune disorders.

Complementary therapies are a valuable antidote to everyday stresses and tension. They can be used individually or in combination to harness their synergistic qualities.
Many clients report that an holistic approach to health gives them back the control in the management of their well being.