Testimonial from a Patient

I have known Suzette since she was a school girl, so we know each other very well! When my back started to give me problems, naturally I consulted her.  She has been treating me for many years and always manages to ease the situation for me.  I cared for my husband for about 8 years, when he was gradually becoming an invalid and the stress and physical demands on me were beginning to take their toll.  Suzette arranged for me to see a spine specialist and took me there herself and explained the situation to him.  I had scans and tests and he told me that I could not continue to struggle with caring for my husband any longer or I would be the one in a wheelchair.  It helped me make the decision to get my husband into a very good nursing home for the last few months of his life, when things were deteriorating, and I just could not have coped.  Suzette has been there for me, keeping me mobile at 82 and I can’t praise her enough for her care and kindness. – Joyce Brow, Patient