Testimonial for Suzette Pulman

A testimonial from one of my wonderful patients.

“I came to see you last week because I woke up one morning with an extremely achey and painful neck and assumed it would go the same way but it didn’t, it lingered. As I am not a new patient to you, I daren’t actually say just how long I have been suffering as I know you would tell me off. But it was long enough to be interfering with my sleep and making me feel low. Clearly now I see the error of my ways and will never leave it so long again, because a few cracks, manipulation and massage later, I could actually turn my head without wincing.

Your years of experience and your expertise shine through when you are able to tell me exactly the cause (and I have been noticing – you are right!) and how to deal with it. To my amazement, I woke up the day after treatment pain free.

I can’t express how it feels to be pain free after too long.  Thank you so much!” – Samantha Bridger.