Support for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Suzette Pulman Lymm Osteopathic Practice

I would like to say how pleased I was with the osteopathic treatment that I had with Suzette recently.

I have had Osteopathic treatments before but not as comprehensive as this. I found that Suzette gave me a thorough fact find and went through my condition step by step and was able to give me helpful advice about how I can improve my health overall.

As I have the condition Rheumatoid Arthritis which is a disease of the immune system I am on many drugs including Methotrexate weekly injections. Suzette was very helpful in explaining she can connect me with people who can help me with eating the right foods to help this condition. Also, she was able to manipulate me in a way that was gentle on my joints which I have not had before.

My liver function has not been great recently because the specialist has been changing my medication, which resulted in a massive flare a few weeks ago. Suzette was to spend time healing my liver and restoring the flow of my spinal fluid which was an amazing healing experience that I have not had before.

The problem I have is that I need to keep well as being self-employed if I cannot work then I do not earn any income. Keeping well is a high priority and you have helped me see how important this is and that it is feasible with Suzette’s help and support.

I would highly recommend Suzette to anybody who mentions that they need help and she is so much more than just an Osteopath!