Support for a Chronic Back Condition

Thank you Suzette Pulman

I have suffered from a chronic back condition for a number of years, which flares up intermittently.

Suzette has treated this for me as and when required, having at the outset referred me to a specialist for a scan and proper diagnosis. It was only by making that diagnosis that my back problem and associated issues could be properly treated.

From the very first moment I saw Suzette, she made me feel comfortable and at ease. My treatment is now ongoing but things are improving and I feel I she has got to the cause rather than just treating the symptoms.

Suzette also puts herself out if treatment is needed at short notice, and will always try to accommodate an urgent appointment.

She has also previously seen and treated one of my employees who had been having shoulder problems for months and had not previously been treated correctly. I am pleased to say she is much better!

Suzette’s practice has made huge efforts to cope with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, from increased use of Zoom consultations, to make required changes to the premises and of course the extensive use of PPE, all to make patients feel and be safer, and so that they can continue with their much-needed treatment.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Suzette’s holistic approach and treatment methods to anyone with a chronic or acute condition which is causing them pain and discomfort.

TJ, Solicitor (November 2020)