Self Employed Poem

Self Employed - Lymm Osteopathic Practice

Suzette Pulman Osteopath enjoys writing poetry and has created this one to describe how osteopathy can help with those who are self-employed

If you work for yourself, then you’re ‘living the dream’
You can work your own hours and be your own boss
But often it feels like you’re ready to scream
As you end every day jaded, burnt out and cross.

Our bodies can’t cope with such pressure flat out
They start to unbalance, to fray and fail
You find yourself wondering what it’s about
As you constantly find that you’re chasing your tail.

Those ‘fight or flight’ signals get stuck in top gear
Your sleep patterns suffer, you can’t enjoy food
One thing is becoming increasingly clear
Your work/life/health balance is really quite skewed.

You may think ‘osteopathy’ is all about spines
About healing strains, torn muscles and pain
But it also helps stressed nervous systems align
And helps you feel back in control once again.

Cranial osteopathy’s what you need here
A gentle technique that’s applied to the head
It helps all that pressure release, disappear
And helps you move forward with verve, not with dread.

So talk to Suzette, she’s the expert at this
Put your head in her hands, let her heal and repair
When once you have noticed that things are amiss
Lymm Clinic can help you with skill and with care.