Rehab – Poem by Suzette Pulman

A fall, a slip, a broken hip, a sprained or fractured arm

The ladder broke, you missed the step, you’ve done yourself some harm

The doctor’s pinned and stitched and set, the treatment is now done

In terms of your whole journey, though, you’ve only just begun


Old age comes to us all, they say, but can come all too fast

Arthritic joints can wear and fail, our knees and hips don’t last

Replacement joints are commonplace, thanks to this modern age

But afterward you’ll need some help in reaching the next stage


Our bodies cope with trauma well, they heal, restore, repair

But every major surgery will need some aftercare

Re-balance and re-energise, re-learn the things you knew

That’s what my osteopathy can teach you how to do


“The act of restoration” is what “rehab” really means

We just can’t get away with treating our bodies like machines

If you need some restoration, then you know just who to call

We’re the rehabilitation place that really does it all!