Posture & Golf

Lymm Osteopathic - Posture & GolfOur new osteopath Wesley Tubb looks at Posture and Golf in his latest article.

He discusses how in the ideal posture the body is balanced so that strain imparted on the body by gravity is kept to a minimum. Patients coming to see us with golf related injuries are assessed to identify where and how the patient’s body has moved away from the ideal posture, which may have led to the injury.

Wesley will use a combination of gentle articulation, soft tissue release techniques and when needed, skilful mild thrust techniques to assist restoration of the body’s normal structure and function, reducing strain on the injured area. Once pain free, he can highlight any joint mobility and stability issues that could further be affecting the golf swing and then write a periodised fitness program to address the highlight areas. The overall result is a better, pain free functioning body and more importantly, better scores on the course!

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