Posture and Alignment

Posture & Alignment

We tend to forget people just weren’t designed
To do all the things modern life has assigned
We sit at our desks and we talk on our phones
Putting pressure on muscles, on tendons and bones.

To find perfect posture, you must be aligned
Relaxed, poised and balanced in body and mind.
Head up, shoulders back and do try and stand tall
Good posture can be the best treatment of all!

In day to day life we all shuffle and slouch
Heavy bags on one shoulder can force a low crouch
We cradle our phones between shoulder and ear
And wonder why muscle pain won’t disappear!

If you’ve pain in your hips, knees, back – upper or lower
It could be a sign to take life somewhat slower
Or it could be poor posture, which osteos hate!
And there’s more to good posture than standing up straight.

Just book with Lymm Osteopathic Practice if you want to learn more
I can improve your posture, help strengthen your core
Show how alignment can banish your pain
And help you step out with a spring once again!