Osteopathy for Cyclists


Cycling, whether competitive or just casual weekend rides can place a lot of strain on the body.

Not only are the legs working very hard but so are also the arms as they work to stabilise the upper body and help to transfer power during sprints or uphill climbs. The flexed position of the spine can lead to strain into the neck and shoulders due to muscular imbalances from holding the same position for hours on end. This flexed posture can also affect the muscles of respiration and the rib cage which could also lead to upper back and neck discomfort. The lower back may also discomfort is also common especially if the core muscles are not strong enough to properly stabilise the pelvis.

Osteopathy is used to identify muscular imbalances and strains that could be affecting your cycling performance and then use gentle joint articulation, soft tissue techniques, and joint manipulation (when needed) to bring the body back into balance and so reducing these imbalances and strains making you a more efficient cyclist and improving your performance.

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