Osteopathy for Golfers


The golf swing is an extremely complex movement pattern that requires high levels of coordination, mobility, and stability.

Just a small change in the path of the golf club during the swing, caused by a muscular imbalance or joint dysfunction can have large changes in the position of the clubhead at impact and cause that slice you hate so much!

This is where Lymm Osteopathic Practice can help. One of the main principles of osteopathy is that we look at the body as a whole unit. Meaning that, if someone comes in with back pain from playing golf we don’t just examine and treat the lower back we look at the body as a whole and try to bring about balance through the entire kinetic chain.

As well as being a keen golfer himself, our Osteopath Wes Tubb is a Titleist Performance Institute medical professional giving him the knowledge and experience to help you:

  • Recovery from pain/injuries
  • Help prevent injuries
  • Optimise performance

For more information about osteopathy and the services we provide and how we can help golfers, contact Wes Tubb or make an appointment