Osteopathic help for runners…from our very own runner


If you’re a runner, you’ll know all about the ecstasy…and the agony…of the sport!

Let’s just say that injuries are a common occurrence amongst runners – and that’s not just the newcomers. Even the most experienced person can face injuries, falls, aches and pains – particularly during periods of intensive training. With fortune on your side, you’ll just end up with black toenails – but if you’re unlucky you may get something more complex like an achilles rupture or a meniscal tear.

Here at Lymm Osteopathic Practice, we have our very own Osteopath on hand to help. Darren Hayward not only has a special interest in sports, he is also a keen marathon, trail and ultra marathon runner himself. He won’t ever claim to be in the elite category, but he can be seen most days finding an opportunity to get out into the hills…or at least the local Transpennine trail.

The beauty of seeing an Osteopath who is a runner himself, is odds on he’s shared many of the same experiences, worries and tribulations as his running patients. He understands that anyone suffering an injury suffers twice. From both the physical discomfort – and the pain of not being able to run. He certainly won’t judge or criticise you if you’ve pushed it too hard and have an overtraining injury.

The even better news is, Darren also understands the mechanical processes of the runner’s body – when structural issues as simple as gait and working posture can make all the difference to running ability.

And when you’re injured…he’ll know when to get the packet of frozen peas out – and when proper rehabilitation is needed. His main objective is always to get you moving properly again – and prevent it happening in the future.

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