Occupational receptive strain injuries


Suzette is well-known for her Osteopathic themed poems – here is her latest masterpiece

I trained as a builder when I left school and college
Worked hard, learnt the job, kept increasing my knowledge
And now I am proud of the skills that I’ve learned
My clients respect me, and I feel that it’s earned.

Two decades of using the tools of my trade
And I’ve recently started to feel quite afraid
There’s a pain in my wrist that can niggle and ache
And every 10 minutes I’m taking a break

Two decades of power tools, hammers and saw
And I’ve got tendonitis, bursitis and more.
I wince when I move and my hands won’t keep still
It’s far from ideal when you’re holding a drill!

I’ve been to the docs and he’s given me pills
To help soothe and manage my various ills
But now what I need is a longer-term plan
As I can’t even lift my tools out of the van!

I spoke to Suzette, and she’s making a list
Of all we must do so that nothing gets missed
She’s looking at everything, head down to toes
This is where all her experience shows

Osteopathy, massage, exercises too
In a couple of weeks I’ll be better than new.
I’ve had lots of advice about working correctly
In the future, I’ll be straight round to Suzette’s directly