Stroke – know the signs – FAST

Would you know how to recognise the signs if someone was suffering from a stroke? The NHS’s campaign FAST helps us to remember the key signs and re-enforces the need to act quickly and can help save a life and limit the long-term effects of a stroke. Face – has their face fallen on one […]

Is back pain hurting your working life?

Back pain. It’s no respecter of age, status or occupation. Musculoskeletal pain, whether in the back, neck or elsewhere can affect anyone in any job, resulting in a dramatic effect on productivity and absence. Last year, according to the HSE, 8.8 million working days were lost due to work related musculoskeletal disorders. However, what do […]

Osteopathic CPD Cheshire: Seminar 25th March

The next Osteopathic CPD Cheshire seminar will be held on Saturday 25th March in Lymm.  This event is for Professional Osteopaths based in Cheshire and is the annual First Aid Training / Certification and will be delivered by Professional Medical Solutions. For previous attendees this is your annual renewal and certification, for new delegates; Professional Medical Solutions are an excellent […]

I was kept from the surgeon’s knife

“Suzette has become a household name in Lymm and whenever I hear people saying that some back, neck or elbow is causing issue, you will often hear someone else mention Suzettes name. We have all been under the watchful and supportive care of Suzette over the years and none more than my husband Mark, who […]

A pat on the back

“As a rather uncouthed and poorly postured software developer the average number of pains I suffer from all over my body are numerous to mention. The biggest problem I experience though is my shoulder. My combination of gym exercise, martial arts and crouched down crying on my keyboard over a large number of years has […]

Testimonial for Osteopathic Services

“I’ve been going to Lymm Osteopathic Practice for over 10 years where Suzette has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals.   I race motorcycles in the British Championship and unfortunately from time to time crashing goes with the territory.  From broken bones to muscle damage Suzette has been paramount in keeping me […]