What a pain in the foot

Whether you frequently walk to work, attend running sessions in the park, or just enjoy taking a stroll with the kids, if pain occurs in the foot it can become not just impossible to ignore, but excruciating. There are various causes for foot pain but one of the most common is called Plantar Fasciitis. The […]

Lymm Osteopathic Practice - Sitting Pretty

The dangers of sitting pretty

By now, it’s more or less been proved what’s bad for our health. Smoking. Drinking too much alcohol. Eating the wrong quantities of the wrong foods. And most of us try to do our very best to guard against them (let’s forget about those Gin & Tonics and the Stilton Cheese shall we?) However, there’s […]

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The Art of Staying Sane

In these strange days of lockdown and the ‘new normal’, I’m often asked for ideas on how to deal with stress. A solution that’s easy to do, won’t need a doctor’s prescription and maybe doesn’t involve large amounts of gin! As a health professional, I’ll often start with the easy, accessible methods of coping. Such […]


Stop knee pain and get moving again

Knee pain is a common complaint that can affect people of all ages. When it strikes it can be debilitating. Too afraid to take part in high impact activities because it could suddenly provoke pain and potentially make the problem even worse, life can suddenly feel very frustrating. In many circumstances relieving knee pain can […]

Red Flag

Detecting a dangerous condition – Case Study 2

I’ve talked before about ‘red flag’ symptoms. Red flags can be described as an alarm or warning signs that suggest a potentially serious underlying disease, such as meningitis or cancer. We’re all trained to watch out for them, as missing one could literally be the difference between life and death. In this case, it could […]