Infertility Epidemic: The Real Life Handmaiden’s Tale?

Infertility is defined by when a couple is trying to actively conceive for 12-months or more without becoming pregnant. The NHS site that 1 in 7 couples are now struggling with fertility.

The NHS roughly divide infertility as one third a female problem, one third due to a male factor and the other third is ‘unknown’. Fertility can depend on many factors, physical, environmental and emotional.  Although females are often seen to be more important in the conception formula we know that is not true, and sperm health is just as important.

The common ‘solution’ in conventional medicine for fertility struggles is IVF. Although, IVF can be a saving grace for some couples who have a structural problems or indeed single sex couples, this approach towards fertility should not be seen as a magic bullet or indeed the only or best option to have the baby you have always dreamed of.

Let’s not forget to formula to make a baby is healthy female eggs, healthy sperm and a lovely womb. The raw material that build both the eggs, sperm and womb (mainly the endometrial lining) is often disregarded. This dismissal of raw material that are the building blocks for fertility is not only doing couple a disservice but omission of the true is a lie – A lie couples are fed time and time again.

But what do you mean by ‘raw materials’? Everything you eat and drink are the building blocks for your future sperm and maturing eggs. It takes eggs about 100-days to mature and sperm 80-days to grow.

Therefore, what you eat and drink in the 3-months prior and during conception is key to your chances of successful conception. Yes, the quality of you egg and your sperm profile can massive improve in as little as 3-month, with the right nutrition.

*article first appeared on Rosie Tadman’s website