Helping me continue in a profession I love

“As you know I have been a golf professional for 40 years and during that time I’ve worked with players of all standards from beginners to those performing on the world stage. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing, what is an amazing game, and more importantly I have been privileged to pass on my knowledge through my coaching so that others, whatever their standard can perform to a higher level more consistently. Sadly, over the last decade I have become far less flexible and endured considerable discomfort when attempting to play or demonstrate a swing to my clients. I assumed this was a natural phenomenon of increasing years and ‘worn out parts’. A few months ago, I suffered an incredible pain in my upper back on my right side which caused, not only considerable discomfort, but severely restricted my movements and my ability to continue my coaching. Over the years, I have met thousands of businessmen and businesswomen from all professionals and therefore I am spoilt for choice when I need an expert to whom I can turn. Having known Suzette for several years, I have learned to appreciate your values, your ethical approach to your profession, your knowledge and expertise and how you are held in such high regards, not only by your clients but by your peers. I therefore had no hesitation in contacting you and asking for your assistance.   Within one enlightening holistic session, not had you explained the physical problems I was facing but had reduced the pain considerably. Further sessions resulted in me being able to move without any pain, and more importantly swing a golf club freely than I had done so for years.  I should like to thank you for not only helping me continue in a profession I love, but for giving me my life back.” David Williams,  PGA Golf Professional (February 2017)