Damaged Shoulder Cuff

Thank you Darren

I came to Darren with a damaged shoulder (cuff), not knowing how I had damaged it. The shoulder injury was interrupting my sleep and stopping me from doing any gym training. Darren found the problem straight away and started a course of treatment over a number of sessions that completely cured the problem. During the course of treatment, through simple exercises, he also helped with re-alignment of my back, that I wasn’t even aware was needed. He was able to do this through the holistic approach he took to my problem.

Darren has a very relaxed, respectful manner and made me feel comfortable straight away and throughout the treatment. His amiable way and genuine interest in my well-being meant the osteopathic sessions almost became therapy as well and in some ways I was disappointed to have my shoulder better again and for the sessions to end! I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to my next injury but when it inevitably happens, I know where I’ll come.

Best wishes