CPD Sessions

Osteopathic CPD Cheshire

Keeping our skills up to date and relevant as Osteopath professionals are extremely important and for many years Suzette Pulman has been actively involved in the Cheshire Osteopathic CPD group.

Since March 2020, we have moved to online meetings. This has enabled us to increase the number of sessions and includes business-related topics and speakers to support our members with advice and guidance on handling organisational and operational challenges. All our CPD events are well attended with interactive Q&A sessions.

This month we welcomed Mr Irfan Siddique a Consultant Spinal Surgeon from Salford Royal NHS Trust and Gary Durnall, a Workplace Safety Consultant. Mr Siddique spoke about injuries to the spinal cord due to severe compression resulting from trauma, congenital stenosis, degenerative disease, or disc herniation. Gary provided information on Covid-19, covering homeworking, risk assessment and systems that businesses need to implement to protect employees and your organisation.

Last month we hosted a business session with Helen Stott, a Marketing Consultant, Sam Bridger, a Business Consultant and Tina Holt, an HR Consultant. Helen and Sam focussed on how we can manage the time we spend on our business more effectively, tips on improving productivity and how to market and sell your services more effectively. Tina followed with a wide-ranging discussion on all areas of managing staff and staff issues following the return to work post-Covid-19.

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