Are you head and shoulders above the rest?

Everyday chores and activities can become increasingly painful and frustrating when you experience shoulder pain. If these symptoms continue, you may find is that you are suffering from a rotator cuff tear. Additional symptoms to shoulder pain can include: loss of range of movement significant muscle weakness nagging discomfort particularly with overhead and reaching activities, […]

Supporting 20 years of The Lymm Festival

We are incredibly proud of the Lymm Festival event that is a key feature on our calendars every June. The not-for-profit 10-day event incorporates arts, music, performances and activities that bring not only the village together but encourages visitors to join us. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of The Lymm Festival and we are […]

Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Pregnancy should be a wonderful period in a women’s life but it’s not always the same experience for everyone.  A pregnant woman’s posture will change putting more pressure on spinal joints.  There is a sudden change in at woman’s body as the hormones encourage ligaments to relax to accommodate the growing baby helping prepare the […]