Menopause - Lymm Osteopath

Aches, pains… and menopause

Ah the joys of menopause. The gift that keeps on giving. Of course, a handful of women go though it with hardly a headache or barely a bead of sweat…but there are thousands more who report a whole avalanche of symptoms. Some of the best known complaints associated with menopause include hot flushes, night sweats, […]

Suzette Pulman

The Ideal Posture for working from home

In this video, Suzette Pulman, Osteopath and founder of Lymm Osteopathic Practice shows us: the optimum positioning of our laptop and chair for when we are working at home the ideal sitting positions exercises for relieving neck and shoulder tension and strain The video was introduced and recorded by Jonathan Davies of Jonathan Davies Photography.

Looking after your lower back during lockdown

Looking after your lower back during lockdown

by Jason Pestel, Sports Massage Therapist at Lymm Osteopathic Practice Whilst we are in ‘lockdown’ working life for so many of us has literally been turned on its head. The daily commute to the office and the 9-5 culture has suddenly been replaced with staying at home. Old routines that we used to undertake have […]

Jonathan Davies Photographic 1

An Interview with Suzette Pulman

Jonathan Davies Photographic recently interviewed Suzette Pulman via Zoom about the problems we may be creating for ourselves whilst working from home. At the office we may have a properly set up computer, desk and chair, but working from your dining room table can be a different matter. In Part 1 – Suzette discusses how […]

The art of Sleep

Sleep. Are you getting enough?

With everything that’s going on at the moment – it’s no shock that millions of us are reporting problems with sleeping. Of course some of us are having a truly traumatic time and no tips here are going to solve those thoughts spinning around late at night – although some of the hints may come […]