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Ministry of Silly Walks

Do is sometimes feel like you have joined the Ministry of Silly Walks?  This short video featuring some of our four (and two) legged friends wonderfully demonstrates how and reminds us how we shouldn’t have to live with pain and that your friendly local osteopath can help! As Allied Health Professionals, Lymm Osteopathic Practice remains […]

Dance while mopping

Out of the mouth of babes

They do say ‘out of the mouth of babes’ and this fabulously fun video demonstrates this and reminds us of the importance of keeping active during the lockdown. As Allied Health Professionals, Lymm Osteopathic Practice remains open for appointments. Thank you to Gilly Woodhouse of Osteobiz for the kind use of this video

Lymm Osteopathic Practice - Anxiety

Could anxiety be causing your pain?

We’re an anxious nation right now – and it’s hardly surprising. here are so many uncertainties – particularly in the light of Covid – affecting just about every aspect of our lives. If we’re not worrying about our own health, we’re fretting about the wellbeing of our friends and relatives – and many of us […]

Lymm Osteopathic Practice - Sitting Pretty

The dangers of sitting pretty

By now, it’s more or less been proved what’s bad for our health. Smoking. Drinking too much alcohol. Eating the wrong quantities of the wrong foods. And most of us try to do our very best to guard against them (let’s forget about those Gin & Tonics and the Stilton Cheese shall we?) However, there’s […]

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The Art of Staying Sane

In these strange days of lockdown and the ‘new normal’, I’m often asked for ideas on how to deal with stress. A solution that’s easy to do, won’t need a doctor’s prescription and maybe doesn’t involve large amounts of gin! As a health professional, I’ll often start with the easy, accessible methods of coping. Such […]


Osteopathy for Golfers

The golf swing is an extremely complex movement pattern that requires high levels of coordination, mobility, and stability. Just a small change in the path of the golf club during the swing, caused by a muscular imbalance or joint dysfunction can have large changes in the position of the clubhead at impact and cause that […]