Shoulder blade squeezes

Working from home in isolation?

Here’s how you can try to prevent back problems With the recent arrival of Covid-19, most of us have found ourselves in positions we could never have envisaged just a few months ago. Self-isolation…social distancing…queuing for basic groceries….and working from home. A huge proportion of people are now required to do all the jobs they […]


Tennis Elbow and Golf

Get Help with your elbow pain! Tennis elbow or its clinical name Lateral Epicondylitis is actually more common in golfers than tennis elbow.  It is a condition that causes pain around the outside of the elbow.  Golfers Elbow (or Medial Epicondylitis) is pain around the inside of the elbow.  Both conditions are caused by overuse of the […]


National Book Day

Reading is a fantastic way to lose yourself in your favourite story but, could how you sit while reading be causing you pain?  The average adult human head weighs about 6kg but with every 15 degrees of neck flexion (when reading or using smart phones) the weight of the neck due to gravity increases by […]

Spring Newsletter

The latest edition of the Lymm Osteopathic Practice newsletter – Spring 2019 – is now available to view online. This issue looks at how we can be inspired by May being National Walking Month and the benefits a daily walk can do for us.  In addition we highlight the amazing work done by Mental Health […]

Stroke – know the signs – FAST

Would you know how to recognise the signs if someone was suffering from a stroke? The NHS’s campaign FAST helps us to remember the key signs and re-enforces the need to act quickly and can help save a life and limit the long-term effects of a stroke. Face – has their face fallen on one […]