Testimonial for Suzette Pulman

I went to see Suzette for the first time to see if she could help with the pains I have been experiencing in my shoulders, and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU! It was so lovely to speak with a professional who truly cares about their patients, you really took the time […]

Testimonial for Suzette Pulman

A testimonial from one of my wonderful patients. “I came to see you last week because I woke up one morning with an extremely achey and painful neck and assumed it would go the same way but it didn’t, it lingered. As I am not a new patient to you, I daren’t actually say just […]

Testimonial for Suzette Pulman

I am a runner. I have been for a long time. Every now and then despite putting good practice into play I get an injury. It becomes a personal nightmare, breaks routine and puts life out of kilter. I have a recommendation for you! Go and see Suzette at Lymm Osteopathic Practice! She knows her stuff […]

Testimonial from a Cambridge Medical Student

Lymm Osteopathic Practice is extremely friendly and welcoming. There seems to be a more trusting comfortable relationship between the patient and professional in comparison to NHS services.  The care provided feels more wholesome tackling all aspects of health and lifestyle to aid recovery by interacting with GP’s, consultants, trainers etc.  From what I observed, patients here […]

Testimonial for The Reception Team

Testimonial for The Receptionist at Lymm Osteopathic Practice On 26th September last year, my husband, Giles Eyre, was treated at your Practice, after he’d hurt his back on our narrow boat.  We were so well looked after at your Practice that I wanted very much to record this and write to thank you both (don’t […]

Testimonial from a Patient

I have known Suzette since she was a school girl, so we know each other very well! When my back started to give me problems, naturally I consulted her.  She has been treating me for many years and always manages to ease the situation for me.  I cared for my husband for about 8 years, when he […]

Testimonial – Suzette Pulman

“I’ve been going to Lymm Osteopathic Practice for over 10 years where Suzette has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals.    I race motorcycles in the British Championship and unfortunately from time to time crashing goes with the territory.  From broken bones to muscle damage, Suzette has been paramount in keeping me […]

Beyond the Back Pain

“My name’s Louise. I’m a 39 year old Architect and Director of Squires and Brown, a Practice specialising in the design of Independent Schools. I am also the mother of two young children, aged two and eight. I have a busy life and don’t really have time for back problems. Last weekend, I visited my […]

I was kept from the surgeon’s knife

“Suzette has become a household name in Lymm and whenever I hear people saying that some back, neck or elbow is causing issue, you will often hear someone else mention Suzettes name. We have all been under the watchful and supportive care of Suzette over the years and none more than my husband Mark, who […]