Thank you

Thank you Wes

I have now had 2 sessions with Wes for a very painful neck. He has been brilliant, giving me relief from the pain, and lots of exercises to do daily to alleviate the problem, and to provide a more long term solution. I have also had sessions with Suzette in the past, and she too […]


Suzette Speaks..

As a practising Osteopath of over 40 years, Suzette Pulman is regularly asked to speak at events, conferences, and groups about the benefits of osteopathy and the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind. Lockdown has not stopped those invitations and Suzette has spoken remotely via Zoom on several occasions, including as part of […]

Menopause - Lymm Osteopath

Aches, pains… and menopause

Ah the joys of menopause. The gift that keeps on giving. Of course, a handful of women go though it with hardly a headache or barely a bead of sweat…but there are thousands more who report a whole avalanche of symptoms. Some of the best known complaints associated with menopause include hot flushes, night sweats, […]


Why does my back ache in the morning?

It’s something you might notice as the years go by. That you don’t need an alarm clock anymore – because your aching back does the job for you! Then the aches and pains are followed by that lovely combination of stiffness, reduced mobility and decreased flexibility. Often, as the day moves on, the discomfort starts […]

Suzette Pulman

The Ideal Posture for working from home

In this video, Suzette Pulman, Osteopath and founder of Lymm Osteopathic Practice shows us: the optimum positioning of our laptop and chair for when we are working at home the ideal sitting positions exercises for relieving neck and shoulder tension and strain The video was introduced and recorded by Jonathan Davies of Jonathan Davies Photography.


Osteopathic help for runners…from our very own runner

If you’re a runner, you’ll know all about the ecstasy…and the agony…of the sport! Let’s just say that injuries are a common occurrence amongst runners – and that’s not just the newcomers. Even the most experienced person can face injuries, falls, aches and pains – particularly during periods of intensive training. With fortune on your […]

Thank you Darren

Damaged Shoulder Cuff

I came to Darren with a damaged shoulder (cuff), not knowing how I had damaged it. The shoulder injury was interrupting my sleep and stopping me from doing any gym training. Darren found the problem straight away and started a course of treatment over a number of sessions that completely cured the problem. During the […]