Red Flag

Detecting a dangerous condition – Case Study 2

I’ve talked before about ‘red flag’ symptoms. Red flags can be described as an alarm or warning signs that suggest a potentially serious underlying disease, such as meningitis or cancer. We’re all trained to watch out for them, as missing one could literally be the difference between life and death. In this case, it could […]

Case Study – Baby

Case Study: The Baby with Sinus Problems

It’s always concerning when a worried parent brings a baby to me at the practice because it usually means that they’ve exhausted all other options. Often, a mum or dad will notice something wrong and will start by rushing to the doctors, where they’re often told that the case is ‘non-urgent’ or ‘it’ll settle down […]

Posture & Alignment

Posture and Alignment

We tend to forget people just weren’t designed To do all the things modern life has assigned We sit at our desks and we talk on our phones Putting pressure on muscles, on tendons and bones. To find perfect posture, you must be aligned Relaxed, poised and balanced in body and mind. Head up, shoulders […]


Osteopathy for Golfers

The golf swing is an extremely complex movement pattern that requires high levels of coordination, mobility, and stability. Just a small change in the path of the golf club during the swing, caused by a muscular imbalance or joint dysfunction can have large changes in the position of the clubhead at impact and cause that […]


Osteopathy for Cyclists

Cycling, whether competitive or just casual weekend rides can place a lot of strain on the body. Not only are the legs working very hard but so are also the arms as they work to stabilise the upper body and help to transfer power during sprints or uphill climbs. The flexed position of the spine […]

Osteopaths understand how your body works

Who are Osteopaths?

The Institute of Osteopath have created this short video which concisely explains who osteopaths and how osteopathy can help those of all ages, for a wide range of conditions and lifestyles, and how they work alongside  other medical and health professionals. To discuss how osteopathy can help you, call us on 01925-752264