Beyond the Back Pain

“My name’s Louise. I’m a 39 year old Architect and Director of Squires and Brown, a Practice specialising in the design of Independent Schools. I am also the mother of two young children, aged two and eight. I have a busy life and don’t really have time for back problems.

Last weekend, I visited my brother and his family in London. A few days prior to this I’d felt a little niggle in my back. By the time we arrived on Saturday morning I was in some discomfort and moving awkwardly. By Sunday I could barely walk. I couldn’t lift my legs, I couldn’t balance easily, I couldn’t move my head properly, I needed help getting in and out the chair. I was in absolute agony and the sudden loss of mobility was very scary.

We drove back from London on Sunday night and got as far as Northampton, by which time I was crying and asking to be taken to a hospital as the pain was unbearable. We ended up in Northampton A&E at 9pm on a Sunday night with the kids in their pyjamas. I was in so much pain, has such limited movement and was so scared that I was almost incoherent and didn’t know my postcode when they asked.

The following day I had my first appointment with Suzette and she was absolutely amazing. A week and a half later I have had three appointments with her, I am back in work and am going about my life relatively normally.

From the start I had complete confidence in what she was saying. She could see, feel and diagnose the specifics of the problem, where I struggled to describe it beyond the pain and its impact on my movement.

What I particularly liked about Suzette was the holistic way she considered the problem. She did the usual osteopathic manoeuvres to get everything back in line which straightened me up and made me feel much better.

However, she went much further, considering my feet, my whole posture and my frame. She suggested that a lot of my problems stemmed from my feet and recommended an appointment with a specialist to make insoles. She recommended an ergonomic review of my workspace, recommended I take up yoga and taught me some simple exercises which highlighted the problem to me, and will also help to control it. She also did some cranial massage. Not really sure what it was, but it was great and made me feel better!

So, in summary, from being in a really terrifying situation where I was quite suddenly more or less immobile, she has got me up, about and back to work and family life quickly. She has also given me what I feel is really meaningful and practical advice so that I don’t find myself in this situation again.

I couldn’t recommend Suzette and the team at Lymm Osteopathic more highly. I have been recommending them to everybody I meet!”

July 2017