Avoiding Foot Issues

Avoiding Foot issues

by Caroline Moss, Podiatrist

At Lymm Osteopathic Practice we care for the welfare of our patients.

As a podiatrist with 35 years of experience, I am very aware of the problems that can occur to diabetics who are at greater risk of developing foot issues, this is because raised blood sugars can lead to complications with circulation and damage sensation in your feet.

At the practice I can give advice regarding diabetics, do annual foot checks and send the information to your G.P and treat any foot issues you have as it is important not to self treat which can lead to problems.

It is also very important to wear the correct footwear and socks. Socks and footwear that are too tight can lead to rubbing. It is important to buy shoes that are broad fitting, have a deep and rounded toe, are flat/low heeled and fasten securely.

If you have diabetes it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet to manage your blood sugars and reduce risk of getting complications and it is important to check your feet daily to make sure you have no blisters or injuries or breaks in the skin that can lead to problems.

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