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Everyone suffers stresses and strains at various points in their life, whatever their age or level of fitness. Starting from those vital first few years and going right up to old age.

Babies and toddlers are notorious for experiencing problems from sleeping difficulties to colic, not to mention a whole range of childhood illnesses. Most schoolchildren can be found heaving their heavy school bags over their shoulders from lesson to lesson and who hasn't witnessed teenagers hunched over laptops, eating junk food and becoming complete strangers to exercise?

Even sporty types, who exercise regularly, can be unwittingly inviting pain and discomfort. Lack of the correct equipment, the wrong training methods or simple over-enthusiasm can lead to the over-stretching of tendons and ligaments.

Just travelling to and from work may compound the various dysfunction started when younger. Hours spent driving uncomfortable cars or standing on lurching buses and commuter trains followed by sedentary hours at a desk can stimulate current or future problems.

Later on, in old age, joints tend to stiffen, circulation slows down and it is all too easy to forgo a stroll to the shops in favour of a few hours in front of the television. This is when mobility really does suffer and all of a sudden, the favourite topic of conversation becomes ones numerous aches and pains.

Our practice is led by Suzette Pulman, an Osteopath, and all the practitioners take a team based approach to your well-being. This means that you can consult with a practitioner of your choosing and you may be referred between practitioners if it would benefit your treatment (with your permission, of course).

In addition to Osteopathy, the practice also offers:

Podiatry / Chiropody
Counselling / Psychotherapy
Holistic Therapies
Sports Rehab & Remedial Massage

all of which contribute towards the holistic health package.

The practitioners can treat a range of complaints. Please review the individuals’ pages to see our specialities