A pat on the back

“As a rather uncouthed and poorly postured software developer the average number of pains I suffer from all over my body are numerous to mention. The biggest problem I experience though is my shoulder. My combination of gym exercise, martial arts and crouched down crying on my keyboard over a large number of years has caused serious pains throughout my shoulder area. Fortunately, I know Suzette. There is a reason I travel from Liverpool to my appointments and it isn’t because I enjoy the M6 traffic. It’s because in Suzettes hands I know my shoulder will feel better. The treatment is always an excellent 30 minutes. Being pulled this way and that has never been a more satisfying experience and at the end, the pain was gone. My personal trainer has even commended Suzette on her work. She was able to provide an in depth description of the problem and suggested exercises which has aided my rehabilitation. If you ever have an ache or a pain from sports activities or just poor posture then Suzette is who you need to talk to. Let her healing hands guide you to a better tomorrow.” James Brooksbank, Antikythera Systems Ltd