A Holistic Practice


You may hear us use the term Holistic Practice when we are describing what we do here at Lymm Osteopathic Practice.

What we mean by this is that we won’t just treat a symptom but will work with you to help identify the causes, and provide you with information about your options and if we can’t help we will signpost you to the correct medical specialist.

Suzette Pulman set up Lymm Osteopathic Practice 40 years ago and is still as passionate about what she does today as she was when the doors first opened. Her core values of a caring practice apply across all areas and are shared by all the therapists and professionals that work here and we have built up good working relationships with external medical specialists and GP’s.

Many of our patients continue to use our services at varying times and it is not unusual for us to treat the whole family from grandparent to grandchild individually at different stages of their lives.

Suzette is always happy to have a telephone consultation before anyone makes an appointment to help guide them and if she feels they cannot help then she will try and direct to the correct medical specialist.

We look to treat the whole person to balance the systems of the body to allow nature to heal, so we don’t just treat symptoms we treat causes, and sometimes we recommend a combination of therapies to help the body heal.

To aid this diagnostic approach in your first appointment your therapist will book extra time and take a comprehensive history before examination to fully understand you and your condition. This information is confidential and will be handled as such. It will not be shared with anyone without your permission, for example if we have referred you to a colleague within Lymm Osteopathic Practice and you have asked for us to do this on your behalf.

Each member of Lymm Osteopathic Practice in their own fields of expertise have built up knowledge areas, for example:

  • Suzette Pulman – Osteopath – with natupathic care
  • Darren Hayward – Osteopath – has experience with Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) and sports injuries
  • Wesley Tubb – Osteopath – experienced in paediatrics, sports injuries and golf related strains
  • Fiona Hutchinson – Nutritional Therapist – specialises in female hormone balance
  • Caroline Moss – Podiarist – management of Diabetes, wound care and rheumatoid foot issues
  • Neale Brown – Podiarist – biomechanical gait assessment and bespoke foot orthoses manufacture
  • Jason Pestel – Sports Therapist
  • Sue Shtewi – Counsellor – specialising in working with people with cancer, carers and bereaved
  • Daniel Windridge – Acupuncturist – specialises in pain related musculoskeletal conditions, IBS, infertility, mental and emotional problems

For guidance on which specialist to speak to, contact us on 01925-752264