The Right Osteopathic Treatment for You!

Going to great pains to find the right Osteopathic treatment for you!  When it comes to pain, it’s not always easy to find the right treatment – or the right practitioner to help you deal with it. At Lymm Osteopathic Practice, you’ll find an entire team of experts, from Osteopaths to Counsellors, each offering a […]

Posture – poem by Suzette

I couldn’t do without my high heels, I wear them all day long I’m short you see, it’s such a curse, and pumps just feel quite wrong And yes, I guess it hurts my back, I’m used to it by now In fact, I think it’s getting worse, I think it’s – ow ow ow […]


Living Well for Longer

Did you catch the series Live Well for Longer* on Channel 4 this Summer? It is still available on All 4 (the Channel 4 on Demand facility) for viewing or download and if you suffer from Lower Back Pain, it would be worth watching Episode 3. We use our backs in almost every movement we make, […]

Gut Health Talk – 25th October 2018

Gut Health Nutritionists, Rosie Todemore and Emma Thackery  are coming along to Lymm Osteopathic Practice to talk about Gut Health.   To reserve a place please contact the practice on 01925-752264. Date:  Thursday 25th October 2018  Time: 7:00pm Cost £5 – includes tea, coffee & biscuits All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Warrington Youth Club to help disadvantaged children […]

Forthcoming Seminar – 20th October

We have posted the details of the forthcoming seminar on the CPD website taking place on the 20th October: As usual there is a mix of guest speakers: We have Sarah Whitaker, Senior Radiologist & Facility Manager at Medical Imaging Partnership delivering IRMER Training – (Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations) Dr Adrian Pace, Consultant Neurologist at […]

Post Traumatic Trauma – Art O’Malley

How Post Traumatic Trauma Affects The Body Art O’Malley will be presenting on the above topic at the practice. Date:  Thursday 27th September Time: 7:00pm Places: 13 places only Cost £5 – includes tea, coffee & biscuits To reserve a place please contact the practice on 01925-752264. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the […]

Are you head and shoulders above the rest?

Everyday chores and activities can become increasingly painful and frustrating when you experience shoulder pain. If these symptoms continue, you may find is that you are suffering from a rotator cuff tear. Additional symptoms to shoulder pain can include: loss of range of movement significant muscle weakness nagging discomfort particularly with overhead and reaching activities, […]