Supporting 20 years of The Lymm Festival

We are incredibly proud of the Lymm Festival event that is a key feature on our calendars every June. The not-for-profit 10-day event incorporates arts, music, performances and activities that bring not only the village together but encourages visitors to join us. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of The Lymm Festival and we are […]

Testimonial from a Patient

I have known Suzette since she was a school girl, so we know each other very well! When my back started to give me problems, naturally I consulted her.  She has been treating me for many years and always manages to ease the situation for me.  I cared for my husband for about 8 years, when he […]

Common Posture Mistakes

    Correcting your posture may feel awkward at first because your body has become so used to sitting and standing in a particular way, but with a bit of practice, good posture can become second nature and be one step to helping your back in the long term. Typical Bad Posture – Tight muscles pull […]

Alcohol Awareness

Many people who took part in Dry January this year will have seen benefits to their health and in their pockets. Once February arrives, though the natural reaction is to breathe a big sigh of relief and celebrate with a glass of a favourite tipple, it is possible that many people will over indulge having […]


Suzette’s Guide to Feeling Terrific

Specific is terrific, that’s what the experts say They’re talking of referrals, but it works all kinds of ways If you suffer from a constant pain and pills don’t hit the spot And you’ve tried a range of treatments and they haven’t done a lot   The Osteopathy may help to get you on your […]

Seminar – 17th March 2018

We have posted the details of the forthcoming seminar on the CPD website taking place on the 17th March: Each seminar is for Osteopathic professionals only and as always, we have a varied and interesting agenda: James Brooksbank a Software Consultant talking about the implications of GDPR which replaces the Data Protection Act in […]